Partying safely in a pandemic: how we did it…

by Behind The Scenes, Dubai

At Candypants, we’ve been bringing the best parties around to every corner of the globe for the last 12 years. Our expertise when it comes to putting on a show and bringing people together is unrivalled – it’s what we do! But like so many others in the events and hospitality industry, nothing could have prepared us for the unprecedented changes to the nightlife landscape that the COVID-19 pandemic suddenly brought.

As a people-centric business, the events of 2020 required us to be as agile and dynamic as we could possibly be. There was a lot of thinking on our feet and a huge amount of reactive work done behind the scenes to keep up with ever-changing guidelines and legislation. 

The aim sounded simple, but in reality, would prove to be a huge task to make all of our gatherings totally safe and COVID secure. So after regrouping over each lockdown, our teams continued to work tirelessly to put into place an extensive set of safety measures that would allow our partygoers to carry on having fun while keeping safe, despite the background of a global emergency. 

The main measures we adapted included…

  • Losing all dancefloors from each of our events. It was sad and surreal to see them go for sure, but this would prove the be one of the most effective ways of keeping Candypants events as safe and socially distanced as possible.
  • DJ’s playing at all events have also prevented from encouraging guests to get up and dance, to further encourage people to stick to social distancing rules.
  • Masks must be worn in all public areas of events until groups are seated with their bubbles in their designated booths/areas, and all staff are also required to wear masks at all times when serving.
  • As well as the social distancing rules in place, we’ve also strived to make all of our event spaces as clean as possible by stepping up our cleaning regimes to another level. This meant ensuring all areas of each venue are vigorously disinfected regularly, with plenty of sanitising products available for guests and staff to make use of too. 

We want our guests to be able to party with peace of mind, because what’s the point of a party if you can’t feel relaxed? We’re proud to be doing our bit to help keep our guests and staff as safe as possible right now – so when you book an experience with us, you can rest assured it will be a party that’s as COVID-secure as possible. 

If you have any questions about the measures we’ve put in place, please feel free to contact us. 

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