Race week Guide for dummies

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Confused by Race Week? Who isn’t! So here is our guide for dummies!

Ok so maybe ‘dummies’ is a bit harsh….

With so many brunches, parties and concerts even Einstein would struggle to get his head around it all.
So let us help you out.

The best way to think about Race Week is as a festival that descends upon Yas Marina between November 28th and December 1st. It’s the final race in a year long season with races all over the world, so it’s kind of a big deal.

Sports fans, party lovers and of course Candypants all flock to Abu Dhabi for a 4 day entertainment extravaganza. But Race Week really is for everyone and we’ve tried more than ever to make it as affordable as possible

So here is the low down. 
This year we’ve got 14 parties across the 4 days, which is 7 brunches and 7 afterparties across two locations.

Location 1


Location 2

Social Pit Lane (This has no view of the track but over looks all the yachts in the Marina)

We have brunches and afterparties on every day at both locations but you can find all the info of each here

Now let us explain the things people usually get confused by…


Is it super expensive?

No! There’s no denying Race Week can be expensive and has been in the past, but we’ve done our best to make it as affordable as possible. Join us at Social Pit Lane where we have brunches every day as well as an Afterparty with free entry until midnight. You don’t need any expensive passes or tickets just arrive in Abu Dhabi and join us at the bar!

You can also join us on board our MEGA Yacht for the afterparty every day from 8pm-Midnight for just 499AED and that includes all your drinks for 4 hours.

Do I need any extra passes or tickets?

Nope. We will take care of everything for you. 

If you’re joining us at Social Pit Lane just arrive at Casa De Cuba and we’ll see you on the dance floor. 
You don’t need any tickets or passes for this at all.

If you’re joining us on the MEGA Yacht, once you’ve booked your Brunch or Afterparty tickets all of your marina passes are included in this.  

Can I see the race?

You can’t see the race directly from our Social Pit Lane but it is shown on all the screens and with no track view you can enjoy cheaper drinks at the bar! 

How can I go to the concerts?

As always it’s a big line up of artists with The Killers, Travis Scott, Marshmello and Lana Del Ray all performing across the 4 days. If you book for our MEGA Yacht Brunch your concert passes are included in the brunch price.

How do I get there?

From Dubai it’s super easy to just get a taxi. 

It will cost roughly 200AED from Dubai Marina to Yas Marina. Coming back is the same, there is lots of taxi ranks set up especially for Race Week and the price to come back is roughly the same. 

Or if you’re a bit of a baller Uber does Uber Chopper directly there from The Palm!

Can I get a VIP table?

Sure! We have VIP options available at both Social Pit Lane and on board our MEGA Yacht so if you’re wanting to go big, just drop us a message!

When do I need to book?

The sooner the better, this is one of the busiest events of the year in Dubai and Abu Dhabi so tickets especially for the Brunches and MEGA Yacht Afterparties will sell out so don’t leave it too late. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!


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