Mega Yacht Series

By Dutch Orientals

Dutch Oriental presents ‘MEGAYacht Series’ for a limited time only.

Offering you experiences with social distancing in mind. Allowing you to relax, recharge and unwind while enjoying the ultimate in social distancing with the health and safety of all crew and guests the absolute priority.

*Please note advance booking and online prepayment is required for these excursions.

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Daily Cruises

Don’t forget, the Mega Yachts also set daily with the Sunset and Dinner Cruises

SunSet Cruise

Every Day 5:30pm – 7:00pm

Dinner Cruise

Every Day 8:00pm – 11:00pm


How is social distancing maintained?

Social distancing measures will be in effect throughout.

All boats are capped at a 40% maximum capacity in line with government advice and follows the same government guidelines that is applied currently to restaurants.

When bookings are made all guests will be allocated a seating area with their small group (minimum of 2 & maximum of 6).

If a group is larger they will be divided across a number of distanced seating areas. All food and drinks will be served directly to your seating area.

Communal Areas such as toilets will be manned by staff to ensure social distancing and the highest hygiene standards are maintained.

What group sizes can attend?

Seating will be arranged with social distancing in mind, all guests will be allocated a seating area with their small group (minimum of 2 & maximum of 6).

Will there be music

Yes a pre-recorded mix will be played.

Where does the boat depart from?

Pier 7, Dubai Marina.

Are masks required?

Following government guidelines masks are essential, gloves are advised but not essential.

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