Mega beach

Closing Party

Plaza Beach Club, Marbella


We throw our weekly beach parties every Saturday at Plaza Beach however on spray weekends we go against the grain and take things to the next level as we throw a MEGA Beach party on the Friday.


The bed says it is for 6 people but we have 7 in our group, can we add an extra person?

Yes you can and it is an additional £90 which allows you an extra €100 credit towards drink or food.

Can the stag or hen dress up?

Yes they can

How do we pay?

You need to pay a 20% deposit when you book more than a month before the event then a month before the event the full amount needs to be paid.

What does credit included mean?

This means the money you pay for your bed / table gives you credit towards food or drink on the day of the event.

What’s the menu?

The menu can be downloaded here

What happens after brunch?

Our afterparty opens to everyone with 3 drinks for 100AED

Is there anything on the day that you can for the hen or stag?

Yes we have bottle shows which we can arrange for them.

Can you request exact beds?

Yes you can, if they are available.