Dinner Disco

STK Ibiza

Every Saturday – From 9pm

After launching our brand in Ibiza two years ago we are ecstatic to announce our return this year, every Saturday at the incredible STK Ibiza from 18th May. Come and experience our ‘Dinner Disco’ concept where we serve up exceptional food with an electric party vibe.

We have two different dinner sittings:

1. The first sitting is 9:00pm our restaurant sitting (the table is allocated for 2 hours)

2. The second sitting is our 11:00pm party sitting

There is plenty of entertainment through the evening over both sittings but the later sitting will take you through to the early hours and turn into a late night party

No deposit is required to book. All food and beverages are paid for on the night.


What time does the entertainment start?

Entertainment starts at 9:30pm

Why do you take Credit Card details?

We take these to secure the table, we don’t charge anything unless the group is more than 10 pax but if there is a no show for the booking or the table is cancelled after 4pm on the same day we charge €50 per person

Can we do something special for a birthday?

Yes, special dessert with sparklers

How much is it to keep the table all night?

It’s €150 min spend on carpet VIP area. On weekends it’s an extra €100 per person to keep table all night

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